• Jessica

The Best Things About Being a Freelance Writer

"Why do you like writing so much? It reminds me of being back in school."

"How do you have the patience to sit and write for hours? I would be way too distracted."

"It sounds so boring having to research stuff you don't know and then write about it. Snore."

"Would you ever go back to a having a real job again? Don't you miss having coworkers and an office?"

Ah, comments writers frequently face. I get it. Had I not been a total bookworm and obsessive writer in high school, I'd probably ask freelance writers the same questions now.

So why do I do this? Here are some of my favorite things about freelance writing.

  • I get to research and learn about a lot of different topics when I write for clients, some of which I wouldn't have read about myself.

  • Different clients and document types means I get to flex different writing skills.

  • There's a sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a piece, especially if it was a tough project.

  • ...and I'll know I did it all on my own! Having independence feels totally freeing.

  • I get exposed to different opinions, mindsets and cultures when meeting and writing for new clients.

  • ...and since almost all of this is done remotely, I can do this while hanging out at home in yoga pants.

What do you think, fellow writers and freelancers? What are your favorite parts of your job?


Denver, Colorado

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