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Quarantine Favorites: TV Shows

retro TV on top of kitchen counter next to colorful mugs

Looking for stuff to do, watch, or try while stuck at home?

Over the next few days,I'm sharing some of my Quarantine Favorites: yummy recipes, bingeable TV shows, addictive books, and other things I've recently discovered.

And today, it's TV shows!

Tiger King on Netflix feels like the current memeworthy show going around, and while it looks entertaining, I'm not interested in watching it. At least not yet. When I watch documentaries or reality shows, I gravitate towards comfy shows that don't stress me out too much. (See the first category below.)

Here are some of the shows I am watching, recently finished, or would always recommend to others. Most are on Netflix, but I noted Hulu, Amazon and HBO when needed. If you had to choose only one of each, I starred my *favorite* in each category. Which, for most of these, was super hard to do.

(And before I get flak for not watching everyone's favorite show, I also included some titles that are on my watchlist at the end!)

Cozy reality shows on Netflix

Great British Baking Show*

The Chef Show

Queer Eye

Terrace House

Street Food

Fun/funny sitcoms

Fresh Off the Boat (Hulu)

Avenue 5 (HBO)

New Girl

Brooklyn Nine Nine

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)*

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO, Amazon Prime)


The Outsider (HBO)

The Haunting of Hill House

Peaky Blinders



The Americans (Amazon Prime)


The Witcher

Westworld (HBO, but not sure how I feel yet on season 3)

Black Mirror

Stranger Things

The Expanse*

The Boys (Amazon Prime)

Why haven't you watched these classics yet?

Breaking Bad

Mad Men

Parks and Recreation*

Star Trek


Freaks and Geeks

What I'll get to eventually...


Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

The Crown

Russian Doll

The Good Place

The Fall

Ugly Delicious

Did I miss any of your favorite shows?

Keep an eye out for my other Quarantine Favorites lists to come!


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