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Quarantine Favorites: Recipes

Writing for Uncanny Content has remained fairly steady so far, but as much as I like to think I'm a homebody who never goes out, I've found that that's not really true. I have wayyyyy more time to spend at home than usual. More time to work on my hobbies and find new ones. And also, consume a lot of TV. And food.

Over the next few days,I'm sharing some of my Quarantine Favorites: yummy recipes, bingeable TV shows, addictive books, and other things I've recently discovered.

And today, it's some of my favorite recipes! The ones I've *starred* are recipes I've tried and loved already.


Sweet Stuff

How To Make the Easiest Apple Crumble from the Kitchn*

Eggs are in short supply lately (people, please stop panic buying!) so to satisfy my sweet tooth while in quarantine, I've been looking for dessert recipes that don't require eggs. This apple crumble recipe, which I used with Honeycrisp apples, hit the spot. Plus you can eat it for dessert or breakfast.

Snickerdoodle Crazy Cake from 12 Tomatoes

Speaking of not using eggs, or other ingredients in high demand right now, I stumbled upon this recipe for snickerdoodle cake that doesn't use any milk, butter, or eggs! I'd already bookmarked a chocolate version, which is often called "one pan cake," but I'm eager to try this one out too.

Seriously Soft Molasses Cookies from Sally's Baking Addiction*

I've used this recipe as well as a similar one from The Baking Bible, and both of them yield deliciously chewy, crackly molasses ginger cookies. I love a classic chocolate chip cookie, but these give them a run for their money.

Savory Snacks and Meals

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos from Tasty*

Because my husband and I are craving sweets like mad right now, we're at least trying to eat semi-healthy meals too. Nachos are one of my favorite comfort foods, so I was excited to find this healthier version that swaps sweet potato for tortilla chips!

In my version I swapped chorizo for chicken and skipped some of the toppings, but I loooove how this came out.

Addictive Garlic Noodles from Extra Petite

One of my favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Extra Petite, always shares some of the most delicious recipes that are also easy to make! This pasta dish with garlic, butter, Asian sauces, cheese, and oil takes minutes to whip up and is easily customizable.

Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup from The Pioneer Woman*

My slow cooker is probably the most used kitchen appliance I have. Any recipe where I can toss a bunch of ingredients into a pot and forget about it, I'm down to try. This one is great because you can use fresh or canned ingredients, tweak the spices to your liking, and it's almost totally hands off.

Shepherd's Pie from Gimme Some Oven*

Mashed potatoes, beef, veggies, and cheese. You can't go wrong. I usually leave out the mushrooms in this recipe, and sometimes use cornstarch instead of flour, but overall this is a go-to recipe when I need hearty British comfort food.

Did you catch my TV show recommendations in my other Quarantine Favorites post?

Check back for more Quarantine Favorites soon!


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