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Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Book Lovers (That AREN'T Books)

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Just a little over 2 weeks until Christmas! Are you ready?

If you still need to get a gift for the book lover in your life, and you want to get them a gift that's NOT a book, check out these ideas below.

Book subscription

Okay, technically you're you're indirectly giving your loved ones books with a book subscription, but it's still a thoughtful bookish gift!

  • The Book Drop The Book Drop is a monthly subscription of hidden gem, backlist books starting at $17 a month. You can choose Books for Tea (literary/contemporary/historical fiction), Books for Coffee (thrillers and suspense), Books for Young Adults, Books for Middle Grade, and even The Book Droplet (bookworms ages 3-7).

  • Book of the Month Book of the Month, or BOTM, is a popular subscription for new releases at $15 per month. BOTM features 5 monthly reads, and you choose which ones you want to receive. If you're still working on your current read, you can skip a month to avoid being charged.

  • The Bookish Box Not only do you get books with The Bookish Box, you receive surprises like apparel, stationery, bath and spa products, home decor, and more with plans starting at $18 a month. Each month The Bookish Box announces a theme for their box, so you have an idea of what's coming.

Out of Print apparel

Out of Print has apparel, tote bags, jewelry, and office stuff with the best bookish designs: book covers. There's Harry Potter. Pride and Prejudice. The Little Prince. The Great Gatsby. Matilda. Sesame Street. And that's just a few of the titles Out of Print has designs for!

Book sleeve

Confession: I don't own a book sleeve yet, but I did just buy one for my grandmother because she brings her books everywhere. In case you're late to the party like me, a book sleeve is a fabric sleeve you put your books in to protect them from bent corners, ripped dust jackets, and ruffled pages. I got my grandma's from Etsy shop FabricBound but I've read great reviews for Novel Nuzzler and Book In a Sweater.

Local bookstore gift card

Here's your chance to support independent bookstores! Rather than buying a gift card to a big retailer, buy one from a smaller, local indie bookstore. If your bookworm lives out of state, you might ask them which bookstore is their favorite, or check for one that's near where they live.

P.S. if you're looking for bookstores in the Denver/Boulder area, I suggest Tattered Cover, Boulder Book Store and Book Bar.

A bookish care package

When all else fails, put together a bookish care package: a cozy throw blanket, warm socks, a nice candle, and a cute mug. Most bookworms are introverts and/or homebodies who love all those things.


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