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Happy Halloween!

It has been a crazy busy few weeks, but Halloween deserves its own (albeit short) blog post.

If you need some last minute help getting into the fall/Halloween mood, I present this classic McSweeney's article: "It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers"

About that haunted mine tour I mentioned in my last post, it was scary. Like a haunted house but even scarier because hey, you're walking around in an actual mine that had actual people disappear from it and no one knows why!

It was chilly and slightly overcast that night. A train took us on a short ride into the mine, where we walked around learning about its creepy history while also getting scared by actors. I don't tend to go to haunted houses, simply because I had enough of them going to Halloween Horror Nights every year and my nerves are just fried. But this one was really fun.

an old train station nestled in the Rocky Mountains

Perfectly spooky.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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