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Four Books to Read (or Reread) in the Fall

Boots crunching on fallen leaves. Cider or hot cocoa warming your hands. Cozy scarves, socks and beanies to guard against a gentle nip in the air. Pumpkin, cognac brown, olive green, maroon, mustard: the colors of autumn.

When fall rolled around in Florida, I used to dream of these things while sweating in jean shorts on 90 degree days. These books transported me to a fantasy place where every day was October, a picture-perfect day for visiting pumpkin patches, watching scary movies and snuggling up next to the fireplace.

  • Harry Potter books. Okay, as a self-professed Harry Potter nut, this is cheating a little bit. I reread these books all the time despite the season or my current location. But, and this is probably due to the movies, fall is my favorite time to revisit Harry Potter. Magic and castles and mysteries pair so well with fall.

  • Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. Check out my previous blog post for why I love this book so much. Rowell's writing is quirky yet realistic, especially her sensory descriptions. Every one of Lincoln's meals described in Attachments makes my mouth water.

  • Horns by Joe Hill. Speaking of Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe! Horns by Joe Hill (Stephen King's prolific son) is a wonderfully creepy horror novel that was adapted into film, starring Daniel Radcliffe.

  • The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Though this novel about a murder in a neighborhood begins in December, it always evokes autumnal feelings when I reread it. It might be the 1970s setting; anything set in the 70s and 80s tends to take on a sepia colored tint in my imagination.

Bonus: A list of my favorite horror graphic novels on Riffle, when I used to be obsessed with comics. Some include Locke & Key (also by Joe Hill!) Sandman by Neil Gaiman and more.

What are your favorite books to read during fall?

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