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  • Jessica

Diving In

a mug with the word "hustle" on a desk, next to laptop and tablet

It's happening.

I gave my two-week notice at my job to pursue freelance writing full-time. It's been a scary few months debating the pros and cons, being determined to quit right away and backing out at the last second, thinking "I'll just give it a little more time...." but then I did it! My last day is this Wednesday.

This post isn't really about why I chose to quit, what went wrong or why I'm going freelance full-time (that's for another post in the future, probably.) The thing is, I found several different sources of support for taking this step forward in my career, and I want to share them with anyone who might be considering doing the same.

I did not expect Instagram to be such a huge resource for encouragement and practical career advice. Some accounts I found helpful:

  • Free guide to quitting your day job and taking that leap of faith by Meg K. Wheeler

  • Sassy and inspiring quotes about being a career woman: Career Contessa

  • Fun videos and links to helpful career articles--and that black, white and pink aesthetic: Boss Babe

But nothing beats support from people in your life. Some of my favorite ladies on Instagram who encouraged me and also inspire me in different ways (another future post!)

So, cheers to the next 3 days—and last 3 days—before my career change!

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