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Books I Read in February, Part 2

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Don't miss Part 1 of the books I read in February!

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. 4/5

Fellow 90s babies, where you at? I loooved all the 90s movies and shows about witches: The Craft, Hocus Pocus, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Practical Magic. Back then I didn't even know it was based on a book--I had a LOT to learn about film adaptations of books--so I was determined to read this when I was older. Practical Magic was more serious and in-depth than its movie counterpart, so I enjoyed it for different reasons.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. 4/5

If you didn't watch the dazzling movie adaptation last year, you should watch it. AND read this book. The book delves further into the complex family tree of the uber-rich in Singapore, with different chapters devoted to different characters. I especially liked the chapters about Astrid, as well as Rachel and Nick. Like the movie, the book pokes a little fun at the families' privileged life, but it also explores serious themes like Asian family dynamics and finding your place between two cultures.

Recursion by Blake Crouch. 4.5/5

After joining the Bookstagram community, I was very lucky to begin receiving advanced reader copies (ARCs) for books to be published later this year. This was my first one, and I posted a full review of it on my Instagram. In short, this sci-fi thriller about memories shaping reality was one of the best books I read recently. It comes out on June 11th!

Confidential by Ellie Monago. 3.5/5

This was another ARC I got to read! I posted a longer review on my Instagram. It was an entertaining whodunit thriller with a twist ending. While I thought it could be shorter and more to the point, I enjoyed this book (very Big Little Lies).

Would you read any of these books? Are there books I should check out soon?

You can see more books I've read on my Goodreads page or follow my book adventures on Instagram!

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