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Book Review: The Warehouse by Rob Hart

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This book, you guys. I’m not even opening this blog post with an unrelated story or question BECAUSE THIS BOOK. I loved it so much. After a slew of okay reads, The Warehouse was the perfect palate cleanser.


The Warehouse is a terrifying futuristic thriller in which corporate giant Cloud has consumed and taken over the American economy. There’s Paxton, a new employee recruit who just moved into one of Cloud’s many live-work facilities, and Zinnia, who isn’t just there for a paycheck and roof over her head.

Get ready to explore themes of the greater good, challenging the status quo, and what happens when corporations gain too much power. Is it better to be safe or free? Convenience vs value? How much do you care about your privacy?

My thoughts:

The Warehouse is told from different characters’ perspectives, which builds tension and throws twists and turns at you. I wished there were more opportunities to connect with Zinnia and Paxton emotionally, but the book excelled in every other area: world-building, suspense, sci-fi themes, pacing, conflict, and real-world elements.

The book definitely made me rethink my spending habits and which companies I support. It's incredibly relatable and thought-provoking; who doesn't use Amazon or Disney or Google or Apple? (If you don't, props to you.)


5 stars

If you like sci-fi, dystopian fiction, thrillers, or plain old good stories, read The Warehouse.

Thank you to Crown Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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