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6 Things to Love About Libraries

rows of books lit by hanging Edison lights

Did you know February is National Library Lovers Month?

My mom always took me to the local library when I was little, so I have her to thank for my library love. It's one of my favorite places to go. When I moved to Colorado I was so excited to find my neighborhood library, and I immediately borrowed several books. I like to go about once a week when I can.

Because I love a good list, here are some quick facts about libraries.

  • The oldest library in the world goes way back to the 7th century. I can't even imagine the amount of history in this library!

  • There are more public libraries than Starbucks in the United States! There are over 17,000 libraries (including branches).

  • More and more libraries are getting rid of fines. Research has shown that fines don't affect overdue rates, and instead deter readers from borrowing materials in the first place.

  • Libraries offer so much more than books. There are DVDs, e-books and audiobooks you can borrow. Some libraries offer passes to local museums or state parks. Lots of libraries hold classes and resources for everything: digital literacy, starting a small business, doing taxes, rocking an interview, and so much more. Plus, free WiFi and computer access.

  • In Colorado, 3.6 million Coloradans have a library card. That's 3 out of 5 Coloradans!

  • If you don't have easy access to a public library, see if there's a Little Free Library nearby. Little Free Libraries are little community book exchanges often placed in neighborhoods, free to use.

Happy National Library Lovers Month! What do you love about your local library?


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